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Down to the wire.

By fr33bird

4 days left till polini cup round 3, and Team Motomatic is cutting it close getting their bikes ready for the races.  It was a long tough weekend that carried into today.  Probably gonna be a lot of 12 hour days till the races.  New team rider, Jimmy Nolan, came to the shop and worked hard all weekend, and tried his hardest not to break anything else.  He’s more excited than a child on christmas day about his new bike, as he should be.  Nates really out doing himself on this one.  We’ll give you some sneak peeks and hints this week as the race comes closer, and the bike will be unveiled Friday at midnight.  Try not to die of anxiety.  Onto some pics.


Hobbit got all disced out with a cr80 front wheel.  It went on pretty easy.  It got the professional race team paint job    , and I didn’t swallow and brake fluid trying to syphon it through the brake line. 



The moment of truth came this morning when all the holes we put in my cases were filled in and smoothed out, and we finally went to press in my bearings and crank.  The first attempt was unsuccessful, crank binded up.  We had to pull apart my now very delicate cases and do some more grinding.  Attempt #2 was a success!  Giant derbi crank in hobbit cases.  Notice how thin the wall of the hobbit cases are.  This thing BARELY fits.  We are basically going to have to jb weld the cases shut once its all together to make sure the thin walls dont air leak.  crazy.



Little shit like this, is why motomatic bikes are awesome, and take tons of time to build.  Modified HPI plate for derbi crank, and 4 petal reed block adapter plate.  Nate wasn’t satisfied with my mounting technique, so we are making this up.  You wouldnt believe the time it takes to make these plates.  I spend a lot of time at the dremel.  We all do.



Possibly the most exciting part of today, was my cylinder coming back from our favorite porting guru and motomatic racer Tony Simoni.  I swallowed my “I build my own motors” pride, and handed my 80 metra cylinder over to Tony to let him do his magic.  I did a bit of work, but then turned it over to the pro to finish it off, and hopefully make this bad boy 16 hp.  It came back AMAZING.  Seriously unbelieveable stuff.  Case inducted 80 metra.  This guy doesnt mess around.  This cylinder is beautiful.  8 hours of port work according to Tony.  He has some really crazy porting tools, and its amazing to see his work.  I couldnt be happier with the results.  A big thanks to Tony.  I owe ya one.


Onto Jimmy’s top secret race machine.  Secret box’s are all the rage theses days, so we’re playing along.  Here are some sneek peaks.  Why the big sprocket Jimmy?


What are these silly pieces?  Where do they fit into this puzzle?  Stay tuned to find out.

Well there it is Romero.  Hope you’re ready.  😉


Other happenings, a road gnome dropped off his bike.  Apparently he just graduated junior high and has some cash to spend on getting his moped back in running order.  He’s stoked, and we cant wait to see him on thursday nights.

Some creature girls stopped by, but we were stuffing our faces.  No worries, the other squiddies treated them to a good time.

I got a peek into Nates brain, and it looked sorta like this.


Tonights updates were sponsored by Pentagram and Phil Collins.





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this has me excited for other things to come

come monday will y’all treat yourselves to some god damn manicures please?

haha, the creature girls picture wins


I love making plates too!

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