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Summer heat is on full blast.

By Rafter

Long ass days make my brain swell up and wanna implode. Started my day by packing up boxes and making a trip to the FEDEX office. We ship everything Fedex ground cause its the best rate within ten block of our shop. Someday I will invest ten mins on the internet and start shipping like the pros.

Fedex girl messed up on all 6 of my boxes and had to manually reenter all the info over again while some poor bastard waited behind me for ever so he could send a fax.

Next up DMV for an hour trying to get any paper that proved I paid Maxi registration. NO love. I got a real cunt behind the counter and an equally unhelpful supervisor. I would expect no less.

Half hour on the phone with a nice agent at Formost Insurance got me hooked up with moped policy for $145 a year. Sweet.

Nate clanged out two pipes today like a true champion. Must have been about 110 in the shop today. Not fun to be grinding, hammering and welding in a sauna. Never again custom N8P for Morini MO2 Seabring was made today. Pain in the everywhere.

Tommy still fist fighting the Vespa Ciao and needs new vans. Someone hook him up. I think he’s a size 9.5

After work the Squids met up and rode to I dunno where cause I stayed at the shop till midnight breathing blue dust and chipping away at a purple Foxi build.




One days work

By Rafter

Blast and coat all damn day. Got some stuff shipped out. Got Jen’s Foxi all ready for assembly. Tommy slaved on the Vespa Ciao for a bit and Facebooked plenty. Nate got a sweet CDI to play with soon. Heres a view of the shop as it looked at 6pm today.

Destroyer sandblasted and ready to coat.


Lots of future sick builds.


Too much too do.


Jens Purp!



On going progress

By Rafter

Have a great Monday you Lurkers! Here is a few pics for your cubicle.img_1085

Sometimes you gotta really wanna bring something back to life. Here is E50 #? rebuild. And it begins again.


So nice and so rough.


The one two parts of our pipes that we don’t make here from scratch. The other is the 3 inch mandrel bend header.


I wish someone else would take out the trash.


Bengrys Destroyer pre Derbi mockup.


Sample sparkles for picky ass bike builders.


Andrew Squid’s hand painted maxi frame and red powdercoat.



Too much fun.

By Rafter

Tommy when for a really highball wheelie on his Janky ass Derbi.
The Fork springs and front wheel fell right out when he was maxed out. Not much to do but land on the front end and front flip himself onto the hot pavement. Then his helmet got kinda stuck on the bike and he had to unstrap just to get up off the ground. Bit of road rash and a bum knee but he seemed fine today. Now hes running around on Tomos loaner.




By Rafter




Jen’s Foxi

By Rafter

Jen’s Foxi Puch project has been waiting fo about as long as anything I can think of to get off the ground. Tommy built her up a Alukit E50, all the parts are in the shop now and it’s time to get the color on. But first. Clean the tank.
Tommy has been grinding away with drills and dremel for a couple days making intakes. This will probly be his new full time job. I think he is sick of Gurtners and Vespas.
Nate has been coming in early everyday to work on pipes before it gets hot and I start running the oven.



Dyno Day with Tony and Tommy

By Rafter

Let me start by saying Tommy would make a better blog outta these pictures. Maybe he will jump in later tonight and “Pimp my Blog”. So….. we hit the Dynostar at Motorcycle Machine Specialties 8:30 AM sharp. Pipes with no baffles early in the morn is a rough start but still more fun than sitting at a desk or sandblasting. < (run on sentence?)

Tony’s Grande Hobbit Derbi moped proved to have a hell of a lot of power hiding in it. Within a few small changes such as reeds, power jet and sliders Tony walked away from the session with about 2 more HP than he rode in with. 13.5HP

3 pipes were tested on his set up and we may have a new pipe design coming out if the data is supported during road tests.

Tommy had just a handful of runs to take on the Dyno but was instantly gratified by the results of the air fuel readings and speed over time graph. Tommy and Nate tuned in that Hobbit arguably perfect in just under three hours the day before the last race. 9 HP is pretty good, and when coupled with proper transmission of power it is even better.




Some shots from the past week.

By Rafter

Motomatic team shoes? Yes.

Motomatic team shoes? Yes.

Lots of down time between heats makes for total brotown pit crew.

Lots of down time between heats makes for total brotown pit crew.

Some hobbits blast around the track at 60+ Mph some hobbits sleep in trunks.

Some hobbits blast around the track at 60+ Mph some hobbits sleep in trunks.

Elliots motor made it to the race but no Elliot. Total letdown. Craig held it down.

Elliots motor made it to the race but no Elliot. Total letdown. Craig held it down.

Cuperteens Derbi'd up a SSXL Garelli

Cuperteens Derbi'd up a SSXL Garelli

Nice sexy tires on Nick Jung's Tomos

Nice sexy tires on Nick Jung's Tomos

Jimmys bike 6 days ago.

Jimmys bike 6 days ago.



Polini Cup Round 3 wrap up

By fr33bird

After all our hard work, round 3 of the Polini Cup is done and over with.  Although a slightly disappointing weekend for yours truly, a good overall weekend for the team.

Practice went well for the team.  Jimmy was loving his sweet new set up.  My bike was out of control fast, in fact now too fast for my rear end.  The bike was making so much power the rear wheel and sub frame were twisting like crazy in the corners, and the bike was super hard to control.  Tony showed up just in time for the last practice after a long night at the machine shop.  He was sporting a new pipe and crazy air duct technology, as well as a new lowered stance on his bike.  Looked like all his hard work for the last week had really payed off, his bike was FLYING.  Right next to my bike on the straights, which is really impressive when you think that his bike/body combo is atleast 150 pounds heavier than mine.  Well done Tony.  Jimmy and I both took some good dingers in practice.  I got on the new disc brake a bit too hard into the hairpin first lap without my tires being warmed up and los the front end.  The bike flipped and landed on my head.  I was seeing spots for a good hour afterwards.  I got back up again to chase after jimmy and quintos in practice and fell trying to pass the both on the outside in the s’s.  Jimmy took a spill in the hairpin as well and had a nice swollen knee.

Qualifying went well for the team.  I took the second place spot behind quintos, jeff was 3rd, and Jimmy and Tony rounded out the top 5.  Quintos had a full second on the rest of our times, so we knew it was gonna take some work to win this weekend.

The first race was super out of control.  I took the holeshot, quintos got on the inside of me going into the sweeper, but I passed him on the outside and had the lead coming out, which is when my day turned for the worst.  Coming out of the corner I knew my bike was down on power when quintos jumped ahead.  I knew my bike could stay right with his on that section of the track, he passed on the outside and as I got the the gas i saw sparks shooting everywhere from my coil.  It looked like my coil had loosened up.  I figured I would keep going, and just be down on power, try and get some points, as I came out of the last turn, I grabbed the coil to hold it against the frame as I went down the straight, but then it got worse and the coil completely fell off, and my race was over.  I check it out, and it wasnt lose, but the mount for i had cracked and it fell off.  Total bummer.  In the mean time, jimmy had fallen on the hairpin in the first lap, I believe he was in third or fourth when he fell.  He got right back up, with only losing a couple of spots.  This opened the door for Nik Jung and Tony Simoni.  It was now John, Jeff, Tony, and Nik.  The next lap quintos went down in the last corner.  By then Jimmy was already back up to the 5 spot, but way behind the top three.  I sat on the sidelines and cheered up Nik and Tony (jeff doesnt need any cheering, hes too good).  Quintos got up and passed Jimmy on the straight and tried to pass Nik on the outside the next lap, but nik held his line and quintos was forced off the track.  Now it was Jeff, Tony, and Nik top three.  Nik lost it in the hairpin, and did the most amazing ballerina act I have ever seen, and hardly lost any time and held onto the three spot.  WHAT A RACE!!!!!  Lots of things got mixed up, and a lot of people would be out for blood the next heat.

The twist and go open moped/scooter class was up a bit later.  I fixed my coil issue and was ready, along with Jeff, two cuperteens, and two scoots.  During the warm up lap my exhaust got super loud.  Put my hand down there, and the pipe was loose.  Once again, my race was over.  Not my day at the races.  Jeff went on to take the easy win followed by a scooter and some cuperteens.

Round two of the moped was going to be interesting.  You start in the position you got in the previous race….which meant last place for me.  I was gonna have my work cut out for me.  This figured to be quite the battle between Jeff, Jimmy, and Quintos, with a possible suprise upset my Tony.  The green light went, and I made quick work of most the pack, made my way up to 7th my the sweeper, and passed two more by the hairpin.  Mean while, it was John, Jeff, and Jimmy top three.  Tony fourth, but a bit behind.  John and Jeff pulled away from Jimmy, I was behind Tony in 5th and saw my chances of dicing with them fading quickly.  Didnt seem like there was going to be as much insanity as last race.  Jeff made an incredible pass on John on the last turn with a few laps left.  John got him back on the straight, but Jeff got him back right away and started to pull away.  Meanwhile, Tony was on his game in 4th and I was doing everything in my power to finally get around him.  I did with a couple laps to go, and he didnt make it easy on me, it was kinda hairy, but had to be done.  I had my eyes on Jimmy next, but he was too far, and there was no time left.  Oh well.  15th to 4th.  I’ll take it.  Team Motomatic 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  Not too bad.

Round two of twist and go, saw me starting in last again, and Jeff running away.  I was almost killing myself trying to gain any time on him anywhere.  Jeff is just toooooo fast when he gets out on his own.  He ran way away from me.  I held off the scoot before he fell, and cuper zacko took advantage and took the third place.

That was all.  Lots of excitement, and Jeff is clearly the man to beat.  He did a little bit to his bike, and went to the track on friday and got in his practice and it paid off.  The guy is incredible out there.  He obviously had about the 5th fastest bike out there, and managed not to lose a race all weekend.  20% bike 80% rider. The Motomatic bikes performed great with no problems (besides my stupid little mechanical over lookings).  Tony really stepped up his power with some porting and pipe work, and his new stance really helped him ride better.  Jimmys dual variated Pug put him back up in the running and had the power of the other 4 contenders.

The races were out of control, but it was a much calmer vibe this time.  Slightly smaller turn out than past, but still tons of fun.  I personally enjoyed it.

Here’s some pics.  Taken by Sarah Roach.  Visit her flickr for more pics from this months and last months polini cup.


Everyone chasing Jeff.  Seemed to be the theme of the weekend.

tommy-crashLeathers are awesome.

P.s. the pics are huge files, and lose quality when downsized.  View the link for better quality.

Pistol Pete from scoot magazine was at the races, and taking some amazing pics.  Keep an eye on his flickr for them to go up.

Finally, as promised, heres some youtube videos from our day at the tuning grounds.  Nothing too exciting, but you can hear them purrrrrr, and watch them blast down some country roads.  You can see more at my youtube.



FINALLY! Quick update before the races

By fr33bird

Ok, here we go.  Try and make this quick before I leave.  Both bikes are done and ready for round 3 of polini cup.  Finally the unveilings of jimmys new race bike, and crazy new french technology.


And there it is.  Dont know whats going on?  Dual variated french bike.  Derbi top end, doppler clutch pulley, and one of a kind rear pulley built my our own genius Nate here at motomatic.  It was heavily modded from a minarelli V2 motor.  The question on your mind…..does it work.  Oh does it ever.  This thing makes jimmy’s old top of the line french set up seem like a joke.


A view from the other side.


Somehow I dont have a good view of the full bike.  Sorry.  Its kinda ugly anyways, cause Jimmy is lackin in the style department.


My bike lookin tough, and Nate tunin.

Both bikes are running great.  0-60 in under a quarter mile.

Unfortunately, thats all you get for now, I gotta go race.  Better update when I get home.  I h ave some vids from the tuning grounds that I will try and upload too.  Wish us luck.