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Tranny gear slipping.

By Rafter

I had some unexplained tuning trouble in an E50 motor a lil over a year ago and eventually just quit trying to figure it out. Puch motors are so straight forward that after only a short time of tuning they normally come to life and run trouble free. Our good pal Chris came in to the shop wondering why his motor was running so slow and after a bit of trying normal measures he decided on a rebuild. When his motor was opened up we found that his tranny gear had moved over on it’s shaft and was dragging on the case. After looking at my old case, I found the same thing had happened to me and I had not noticed. So as a fix for Chris and I, Nate welded our gears into place on the shaft. I’m sharing this on the blog hoping that you all check for this bummer on your future rebuilds. You can even check it as a last resort on a motor that is acting funny and just wont tune in. Remove your clutch bell and look inside at a good angle with a flash light. Hope this may help.



KTM Clutch aftermath.

By Rafter

Nathan ran this KTM clutch in his motor for a few months and it was a true ripper. This clutch made the e50 out accelerate my Polini ZA50 and Steve’s 80 Metra ZA50. It took a hell of a beat down though. Special sauce mix of fluids to keep from over heating tranny. It was smoking out the vent hole really nuts with 5W20. A mix of fluids worked much better. So the pic below is of the used and new KTM clutch as well as the bell. The bell had burnt oil caked all over the outside and the clutch pads dug a really deep rut into the surface in a relatively short time. So, yea everyone knows it works already , but now you know how it ends up.

Beat up and worth it.



Didnt I just tell you Nate puts CDI on everything?

By Rafter

We may not finger bang kits or tell jokes on this blog but we are gonna try for 10/10 score on 1977’s Blog Next Monday. Hopefully if we do good they wont link our name to MLM Google results.

In other news, Me and Cool Nathan are friends on Facebook.

For now heres the good part.
Sweet new combo CDI on Puch E50. Nate again switching up parts for the best effect. I swear we will unleash details. Nate likes to get things tested properly before releasing new info or products.

Heres a good combo for CDI on Puch E50



Put CDI on everything, Nate does.

By Rafter

This is working great! After 1000's of hours of mixing and matching Nate found a reasonably priced CDI with lights for a buncha moped brands.

First runs have been a great success.



av10’s watch out av7 back in the game

By rook

finally its finished!!

After 4 months of hard work, blood, sweat, and lots of time sitting around the shop annoying Mike; my dream of a beautiful and fast av7 is now complete. I’ve always felt that the av7 didn’t get enough love(i think Nate felt the same way otherwise he wouldnt have put as much effort as he did in to this) especially after peps unveiling some really sweet av10 builds last year , so i wanted to show every one what the av7 can do.

As some of you fellow av7 lovers know the new Parma kits are a little; well a little off. with a nasty squish band and some off port timing they defiantly need some work. So we did some work to make it so everything was proper, after we fixed the cylinder it was time to port! the Parma kit has a lot of hidden potential which is why Nate wouldn’t let me touch the cylinder it was for good reason though because he ported the living shit out of it. You can scroll down to check the transfers they where in an earlier post.

Next was to do something a little different so you would know this Moby could rip, hum what could we do??? Oh i know lets through a flat side 24mm Mikuni on it!!! over kill? maybe. worth it? fuck yeah!

I had to cut a little to fit it

Overall this bike rips. It does wheelies as soon as the Ninjas power band kicks in. Im not sure how fast it is yet but its defiantly 55mph if not 60mph but we will see when i break it in and do some speed tests.

big thatnks to Nate who did a lot to help,  Mike for teaching me how to powder coat and letting me be the shop intern, and a big thanks to Dean just because i know you helped some how!



This Guy………

By Rafter

Should blog about his new AV7 set up.



polini tomos seattle destroyer

By admin

i don’t know who ordered this pipe, but i am super stoked on it. it looks so rad, all wrapped around like that to mate up to the polini. who ever you are, you should have ordered a standard destroyer instead of the seattle one (seattle destroyer = more low end less top end than standard destroyer), but no matter, your bike is going to riiiiiiiip!

also, has everyone forgot about the n8p? all you 2 speed and variated kids should be ordering those! best top end pipe ever!



pile of yessss

By rook

So a month or so back our dear friend Nathan moved. which is rad except less garage space. : ( so he brought a literal pile of mopeds to the shop. So i figure ill show you what it looks like peice by peice starting with the most rad peice…

pirate frame AAARRRRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!

more to come with the pile later. or not we’ll see how i feel about it.

other shit this week

Alans mule got a makeover… kinda

do you see it ? ok ok ill give you a hint

if you dont get it now god help you



some things

By admin

lots of stuff going on around the shop, i’ll show you some of it!
nate figured out a smart way to put a groove into e50 cases for another snap ring to solve the ages old problem of e50 cranks walking left and right!

no picture of the tool he made, but after you cut the groove in, you just pull the snap ring off your old snap ring bearing (you’re rebuilding your motor with new bearings anyway, right?) and it slides into the groove between the bearing and the seal!
we’ve rebuild a couple motors with this mod now, but none of them have been ran yet. nate just figured this out like last week. we can’t see any reason why it won’t work, though!

here’s my cubby! a whole lot of crap in there. you can see a few parts of my 2010 polini cup bike, the vx4, in there, as well as leftovers from magnomos and various other projects i’ve had over the years.

rook’s av7 top and bottom! nate did most of the port work, it will probably be one of the fastest av7’s you’ve ever seen. no joke. i’ll let travis post about his own bike though, these are just a couple pictures for now.

ok, there’s an update! with pictures and links! exciting!



this thing needs more updates..

By admin

rafter does not update this thing often enough, so i’m going to start doing updates once in a while too.
there is plenty of stuff going on around here that you guys would probably love reading about, but mike is too busy powder coating, going to school and spying on people to keep you all updated all of the time.
for instance, maybe some of you (or one of you in particular) would love to hear that we had two surprise inspections over the past couple days, both of which we passed with flying colors! rad, right? yeah!
anyway, this thing needs more updates. hell, maybe i’ll give the rook a log-in too, i bet his posts would be entertaining at least!