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Mines bigger than yours

By Rafter

Long busy day here at motomatic mopeds.  Lots of race developement going on between repairs, powder coat, and pipe buildin.  I’m tired, so I’m gonna try and make it quick.

mines bigger

mines bigger

I showed you the machine work on my cases yesterday, most of you got that an 80 metra is going on it, but to take advantage of that kit on the hobbit, you need a big old crank like the derbi.  left is puny hobbit crank, right is derbi.photo23

This is the work we had to do to get the crank into the case.  My cases are like swiss cheese now.

photo26Stock ports.

photo25big boy ports.


Yep, its big and scary.

photo31Jimmy’s swingarm installed.


This build from here on out, is top secret.  Revolutionary stuff that will change french mopeds.  Stay tuned till right before or after the races to see what happens.  Be excited, but dont die.

It’s way too hot, and I am too tired, so thats all you get today.  enjoy the pics.



slow day

By Rafter

Not much going on today, and I blew my blogging load yesterday, so I will see what I can come up with.  Start with some pics.



Nate finished up Jimmy’s swingarm.


My cases came back from our machinist/motomatic racer Tony Simoni.  This picture probably means nothing to you.  Stay tuned to see what it means.

photo20Hobbit lost some weight in the rear end.

Other things:

-Nate continued working on Jimmy‘s bike, so he could have more done and less left for Jimmy to  break.

-I went to  Capitol Dawg , they had misters outside.  I ate a  corn dog.  I’m mostly really excited about the misters.

-I scared away any potential customers by listening to stoner metal all day.

Cool Nathan got mad at me for trying to be funny, and threatened a blog war.  Dont worry, I am mildly entertaining at best, and rafter will be back soon.  You are still the star of moped blog nation, and I am still your biggest fan.

Thats all, kind of a boring day.  Should be some good moped related stuff to show tmw I hope.



Another Day, Another (lack of) Dollars

By Rafter

Rafters out of town, so yours truly, Tommy Freebird, will be taking over blogging duties for the week.

fuck you swingarm

fuck yo swingarm


Nate hard at work on jimmy’s Pug.  No more wobbles.


Seriously, another vespa?  4th in two weeks.  Hooray.

mopeds minus the motors

mopeds minus the motors

Lots o bikes to powder coat.  This is what rafter does most days.  I did some sandblasting today.  It sucks.  I give him props.

soldI made this beautiful piece of artwork for is pretty gold maxi we had for sale, and it sold instantly.  Although the bike is gonna the sign is still available.  Bids start at $15.00

Other random happenings today.

-I dropped rafter off at the airport so he could be a private dick for the week.

-I ate In n’ Out.

-I watched Nate “man hands” Kiehn break a sweat trying to put the worlds most stubborn cheng shin on a bike.

-I listened to Miss New Booty on 10 while i was alone at the shop.

Thats all for today.  Hopefully I didnt fuck this up too much.  I haent blogged in a while.



Hobbit Athena Kit Close ups

By Rafter

Enjoy. This is how Tommy rolls until next race.



Rad short by Robert Arevalo

By Rafter

mo-ped foot-age from Robert Arevalo on Vimeo.



One hour into making a Destroyer pipe

By Rafter




GO Big

By Rafter

Tommy is. Note the stud holes? Whats going on around here?



Derbi + Motomatic Destroyer Pipe

By Rafter

John Asselin sent us these pictures of his new Derbi build. This thing looks really nice. We love to see stuff rebuilt when every single bolt gets attention. We are accepting orders for Derbi Variant pipes at this time.



Long Day

By Rafter

Riding mopeds with some Skater Pros and Slap Magazine. I towed Roberto Aleman down a long ditch to a huge Kickflip over some crazy gap. It was a great way to get sun burnt. The cops came and there was a ghetto bird above us as well. They thought we were taggers. When he saw we were just riding a moped with no helmet in a ditch at mach speed and skating all crazy he said see ya later and left us alone. Not believable.
Thursday nights Landsquids meet up and normally get Cheap Ice Cream
And,,,,,,,,,, nice mags at the shop.



Elliot Ortiz vs. Miquel Sanchez?

By Rafter

Two concept vehicles for your perusal.


Miquel Sanchez