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Finally a new post!

By Nathan

Hello everyone,

I know it has been a while since our last post, but I promise it was for a good reason.  Well, mainly we have been working on some new exhaust pipes.  We have some new designs and will be doing a whole lot of tests to get them all worked out to make the best possible product that we can.  Last weekend we started initial testing, just checking for the basics in a pipe, acceleration and top speed.  We got some good results that will help us narrow down our designs for the next series of tests.  We decided to use my magnum for these first tests just because it was handy.  I wanted to get a starting point for the tests so the first run was with my standard set up.  E-50, gilardoni, 24 Keihin carb, Destroyer, geared 16×36, medium port work.  Acceleration was good it took 17.88 seconds for 0 to 50mph. Top speed was 66.2mph.  We then switched to 18×36 gears and top speed went up to 70.3mph.  That gave us a good starting point.  We did zero carburator changes between pipes and monitored head temp just to be safe, all other tests were with 16×36 gearing.  Next pipe up was new pipe #1 it took 21seconds to reach 50 and topped out at 66.1mph, I could feel it fuel starving in the low range so I know it can gain some more with jetting.  Next pipe was Simonini for Puch.  It took 22.19 sec. to reach 50 and topped out a 68.4mph.  Next was N8P, it took 28.32sec to reach 50mph then topped out at 69.6 mph.  After that was another new pipe #2. It did 0-50 in 18.23 sec. Topped out at 66.9mph similar to Destroyer, with just a little more everywhere.  The last new pipe tested was new pipe #3, 0-50 was 27 sec. It topped out at 70.1mph.  Two of the new pipes will move on to the next step where we fine tune some more and squeeze everything that we can out of them. Our next testing will include some graphs and some pictures.  We will probably be using a less ported gilardoni and a mikuni carb since that is the more common set up out there.  I just wanted to fill you all in on what has been going on here at Motomatic.  Expect more updates in the near future.

Thanks, Nathan.


magnum, gilardoni, cdi, 24 keihin, e-50, 185lb. rider

pipe                     time 0-50        16X36                 18X36

destroyer:           17.88 sec.       66.2mph            70.3mph

simonini:           22.19 sec.        68.4mph

n8p:                    28.32 sec.        69.6mph

pipe 1:                 21 sec.              66.1mph

pipe 2:                18.23 sec.        66.9mph

pipe 3:                27 sec.              70.1 mph