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Mines bigger than yours

By Rafter

Long busy day here at motomatic mopeds.  Lots of race developement going on between repairs, powder coat, and pipe buildin.  I’m tired, so I’m gonna try and make it quick.

mines bigger

mines bigger

I showed you the machine work on my cases yesterday, most of you got that an 80 metra is going on it, but to take advantage of that kit on the hobbit, you need a big old crank like the derbi.  left is puny hobbit crank, right is derbi.photo23

This is the work we had to do to get the crank into the case.  My cases are like swiss cheese now.

photo26Stock ports.

photo25big boy ports.


Yep, its big and scary.

photo31Jimmy’s swingarm installed.


This build from here on out, is top secret.  Revolutionary stuff that will change french mopeds.  Stay tuned till right before or after the races to see what happens.  Be excited, but dont die.

It’s way too hot, and I am too tired, so thats all you get today.  enjoy the pics.

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jimmy spends hours on the clock at work just staring at pictures of his new moped, between the two of us we get a lot done. i download music all day, and jimmy stares at pictures of his moped and some times pictures of girls.

Jimmy just breaks stuff when he tries to work here, so I suppose that means hes a bit more productive at treats.

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