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slow day

By Rafter

Not much going on today, and I blew my blogging load yesterday, so I will see what I can come up with.  Start with some pics.



Nate finished up Jimmy’s swingarm.


My cases came back from our machinist/motomatic racer Tony Simoni.  This picture probably means nothing to you.  Stay tuned to see what it means.

photo20Hobbit lost some weight in the rear end.

Other things:

-Nate continued working on Jimmy‘s bike, so he could have more done and less left for Jimmy to  break.

-I went to  Capitol Dawg , they had misters outside.  I ate a  corn dog.  I’m mostly really excited about the misters.

-I scared away any potential customers by listening to stoner metal all day.

Cool Nathan got mad at me for trying to be funny, and threatened a blog war.  Dont worry, I am mildly entertaining at best, and rafter will be back soon.  You are still the star of moped blog nation, and I am still your biggest fan.

Thats all, kind of a boring day.  Should be some good moped related stuff to show tmw I hope.