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Simoni is cooking up some crazy Batshit ripper. Dont doubt it.

By Rafter


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Scrambler pipe! Get the stock seat back!

Hey, i was wondering if that is a m56 cylinder on that m48 or a puch cylinder, its hard to tell, if you could email me some updates on this bat it would be appreciated, thanks.

You guys used to leave us the best blog in the country. Now its not as entertaining. we need more. Show more bikes and work.

that is sooo sick! fast bats are what we need.

Hell Man,

I was digging about for Moped sites to ask for a link exchange, leaving the same little comment on every one an dthen I came across your… That looks like some *crazy* sh*t you’re building dude. LOVE IT!

Oh btw, If you do fancy a link exchange I’d be grateful 🙂

Thanks do much mike. My pipe works so well. I can not find a place to take it all the way yet.
What a great thing:)

i want? how can I have? What cylinder is that?

oh boy. fast batavus bronco. about time.

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