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Tomos Tear Down

By Rafter

In preparation for the main event Ryand and Alan came by the shop today to help disassemble 15 perfectly good brand new Tomos Sprints. They will soon be reborn.

Tomos take down from rafter on Vimeo.

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whatever you guys are doing, im extremely excited to see the end result!!! WOOOHOO!!

i love the time lapse! give me moooooore!

I love that Rafter is on the phone for the last half

how many landsquids does it take to screw in a headlight?

Two things:
1. what are you doing?
2. whatever it is, I want one.

Looks like things are coming along nicely.

MIss good times with you dudes. Glad things are going well……

When is Mike not on his phone half the time. 😉

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