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We got a fancy camera

By Rafter

This is a test of the new HD Go Pro cam we got.
The sounds you hear are my Maxi ZA50 stock port matched polini, malossi 4pedal converted two pedal, 21 race carb, and a new treat test pipe. Geared 21×35.

Untitled from rafter on Vimeo.

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whats the top end on this? nice setup, i plan on doing a similar thing on my za50, love the stock handlebars!

Stock bars are so rad. I love it. Creature G style tilted forward a tad bit. I think the best I saw on the GPS on this set up was 58. But I havent done any riding like that since this was on the race track last year. Shifts at 38mph. Or whenever you let off the throttle for a moment.

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