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Rook’s AV7 Rebirth + Gilardoni

By Rafter

After super AV7 build #1 was fast as shit and lasted only a week, Rook decided it was time to ditch the whole deal and build on a new platform. Enter Gilardoni, our fave Puch kit. New motor mounts including one off engine hanger. “Enter the Ninja” pipe optimized for proper fit and swingability. Lot’s of hacking to be made awesome. It did 60mph easy on it’s first non rainy day run in the dark and cold. Before it ever left our parking lot Rook managed to blow it and soft seize it exhaust side. No big deal. Easy fix. And prior to that even, he had stuffed a big wad of paper into the exhaust port to keep shop dust and debris from getting in while shelved. When we first tried to tune it it was acting really rich and shitty. Nate discovered the paper ball lodged in the pipe stinger the next day. WOW!

Anyway, it rips now and top speed is yet to be seen due to rain. Here’s some images.

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bitches ain’t shit

what’s that? a gila on an av7? ain’t no thang, doggzzz.

that 60 mph was from a dead stop in a very short stretch, btw. i was follwing behind in my car. it was in a curve, too! go rook!!!

any noob can swing any engine these days. lee-0-matic invented this shit!

rad! Sounded mean in the shop

Uhhh so why doesnt it have a mean MMM pipe on it? Or a MLM?

Come on duudz

because i wanted to keep my status as a ninja!!!

Good Job, Travis. Looks great! Really great.

i want details! spacing and work done to make the gila fit to av7 bottomend… gila’s are the shit! glad to see this awesomeness coming from you guys!

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