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Polini RACE May!

By Rafter

Polini Cup final race May 2 2010 from rafter on Vimeo.

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Wow, I didn’t realize how much faster the Atwater bunch got from last year. You guys are really moving.

60+mph at the end of the straight these days.. it’s gettin pretty scary!

Looks like a great time…wish FLA had something fun.

What happened to Tommy and bike?

right at the 3 min mark you’ll hear the crowd cheering and then go OOOHH and if you look closely you’ll see tommy’s airfilter falling off. on a day as dusty and windy as that day, you do not want to be running with no air filter…

I ran without an air filter and my new piston is already marked… : ( …like if I ran the hole season with it ! The dust storm was hard on the bikes…
Had to clean up chain, bearings, carb and electrical components…

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