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Update update update backdate

By Rafter

WYF is this thing?

NO, seriously. WTF?

Terry Dean found a lil bat chillin in the shop.

We ended up putting the lil dude outside hiding in a bush. Bet it was a cat snack.

Check out this dope stock Derbi jug. They do shit right.

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man, with all the photos you’ve been taking recently, you made an oldie update?
also wtf at the robot thing

The first thing is a light saber. sick.

Bats. When I worked at Records when it was still on K st. animal control found 40 dead bats in our basement one day. And they would always be flying around in the store. There are a lot of bats in Sacramento.


that stock derbi jug is crazy. that little robot thing is for checking out pipes and such, has a camera on the front and can propel itself with the tracks.

Yo, that’s totz a drain pipe probe. A plumber can send it up a drain pipe and watch what it sees on a tv. Now all you have to do is build a smaller one to send up inside your engine to get some sick video of mixture flow. . . or you could perform a colonoscopy. either way you get to see some massive gas flow.

any info/ specs on that derbi cylinder or what bike it came off of? i’ve seen alot of stock flat reed cylinders, but none with transfers like that.

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