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Dyno Day with Tony and Tommy

By Rafter

Let me start by saying Tommy would make a better blog outta these pictures. Maybe he will jump in later tonight and “Pimp my Blog”. So….. we hit the Dynostar at Motorcycle Machine Specialties 8:30 AM sharp. Pipes with no baffles early in the morn is a rough start but still more fun than sitting at a desk or sandblasting. < (run on sentence?)

Tony’s Grande Hobbit Derbi moped proved to have a hell of a lot of power hiding in it. Within a few small changes such as reeds, power jet and sliders Tony walked away from the session with about 2 more HP than he rode in with. 13.5HP

3 pipes were tested on his set up and we may have a new pipe design coming out if the data is supported during road tests.

Tommy had just a handful of runs to take on the Dyno but was instantly gratified by the results of the air fuel readings and speed over time graph. Tommy and Nate tuned in that Hobbit arguably perfect in just under three hours the day before the last race. 9 HP is pretty good, and when coupled with proper transmission of power it is even better.


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I suck! I’ll do a week in review blog this weekend.

Was there any kind of fan cooling the engines? Looks awesome, as always, Moto-matic taking it to the next level.

dude, will my destroyer be obsolete and I need to get the new gear;)
Looking foward to my Pipe and Intake soon. And always cool to check out the blog… better blogging when you we’re busier? crazy lol

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