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FINALLY! Quick update before the races

By fr33bird

Ok, here we go.  Try and make this quick before I leave.  Both bikes are done and ready for round 3 of polini cup.  Finally the unveilings of jimmys new race bike, and crazy new french technology.


And there it is.  Dont know whats going on?  Dual variated french bike.  Derbi top end, doppler clutch pulley, and one of a kind rear pulley built my our own genius Nate here at motomatic.  It was heavily modded from a minarelli V2 motor.  The question on your mind…..does it work.  Oh does it ever.  This thing makes jimmy’s old top of the line french set up seem like a joke.


A view from the other side.


Somehow I dont have a good view of the full bike.  Sorry.  Its kinda ugly anyways, cause Jimmy is lackin in the style department.


My bike lookin tough, and Nate tunin.

Both bikes are running great.  0-60 in under a quarter mile.

Unfortunately, thats all you get for now, I gotta go race.  Better update when I get home.  I h ave some vids from the tuning grounds that I will try and upload too.  Wish us luck.

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Damn Jimmy’s bike looks mean and clean!

vids? i heard something about vids…..ooooo im not good at patience

S l o w C l a p !
I applaud your ingenuity with the V2 variator.

Sick just sick!

thats cool i guess.

man, i need to shit. greatest.

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