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Rounding the final corner

By fr33bird

Ahhh, one more day of building and tuning before round 3 of polini cup.  Things are shaping up, but still a lot to do.  Another quick update before I pass out and start all over tmw.  Heres some (crappy) pics from the last two days.


Out with the old, in with the new.

Bye little guy.  You were so little and cute.


drag hobbit

drag hobbit

 I just think this looks funny.  Stretched out hobbit.  Maybe I will adapt it to look like this for the drag season.




Since the walls of my cases were so thin there wasnt enough material to get a good seal, so we just jb welded the entire case closed.  Oh well.  I have plans for a new motor build before round 4, so this is just kinda temporary.

002Another thing that sucks about custom builds.  Nothing fits right anymore.  Couldnt find any threads that were close to the right size for this set up.  Had to take minarelli studs and thread them longer.  Real pain in the ass.

004017Motor is installed and the bike runs.  Had to adapt the old exhaust to the new cylinder.  No biggie.  Fired it up in the parking lot.  Seems good.  Kinda just let it warm up. The tuning will start tmw.  We’ll see what this baby is made of.

025Jimmy’s chamber.

028Worlds sexiest moped part.



Jimmy’s stubby.



There’s a couple real hints since the unveiling is just over 12 hours away.  My bike is running and ready for tuning.  Jimmy’s bike just needs a pipe mounted up.  We tore down jimmy’s bike for powder coat last night, so this is the last pics you will see of lego bike.  It will be in full on race colors next time you see it.

Sorry for the crappy pics.  If you would like better quality pics on the blog, I am taking donations for a new camera.  Feel free to email me for my paypal.  Thanks.

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oh man, i had an idea about the clutch on jimmy’s, this makes me so happy

It’s starting to look incredibly intense. I need to come visit Moto-matic sometime.

crunch time!

We gonna get some pictures of what you did to open up the top port on the Metra? Did you just close up the intake at the top or is there some special adapter in there? Inquiring minds want to know what you wild moped wizards have done.

@travis. lots o jb weld weld and precision dremeling.

yeah they’re fast, but are they blue?

…didn’t think so.

the bigger question is will they blue up?

We all know the answer to that…

fucking late with the fucking updates fuck
also, seattle is dominating this update.

oh my god why am i in europe for this race!!!! Jimmys setup is insane! and tommys! this is going to be a rad time!!!

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