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why motomatic pipes are better than everyone else’s

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i mean all you gotta do is set a mmm pipe next to any other pipe to see that the quality is a billion times better, but these pictures really show the prep work that goes into a mmm pipe to make it so perfect..

there are no gaps at all between the pieces before they go together. no gaps means no filler metal required. no filler metal means smooth, strong welds, not lumpy ugly welds!

also, check out how even the heat is on the welds over all, the bluing from the welding should be more or less even along the weld. on most of the ‘raw’ pipes you see these days the bluing is all over the place! inconsistent heat can cause weak spots in the metal, which can turn into cracks later on.

joel from the mosquito fleet brought down one of nates very first n8p pipes on his way to the late bird rally, the thing has been to hell and back and is still holding strong. even with a huge dent in the header from smashing into who-knows-what, there was no cracks or holes, the rear mount is still as solid as it was when it was first made, and the exhaust flange is still perfectly flat. no warping like we’ve been seeing on other hand made pipes that have came through the shop.
he left the pipe with nate to get modified to fit a derbi, so i’ll try to get a picture or two of it up on here so you can see how trashed, yet still perfect, it is!

anyway, enough tooting nate’s horn. new shop location has been acquired and this space will soon be the new lansquid moped club hang out! good thing there is no zoning regulations for where you can hang out, haha!

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no gaps also make it 10+ times easier to weld and takes a lot more prep time/careful setup etc. If you ever have a chance to cut apart a run of the mill “production” pipe you will quickly realize everything that is wrong with them and why you should buy a better pipe!

Good point on the pipes, Dean!

Not only that, but on the inside of the weld.. either you guys either do it totally right and you nail it, or you sand it down and grind down / de burr the insides also. if you’re mig welding pipes there’s going to be so much slag on the inside, that if you don’t finish it, the pipe is going to be a disaster.

i’ve been really happy with my bikes that run your pipes, in fact they haven’t lost a race yet..

yeah, that pipe truly has been put through the ringer and was still ripping. The dents in the header were from hitting “road turtles” which apparently is a phrase no one else uses because people just give me blank looks when I say it. Google it people.

will people who like hanging out but are not a squid be allowed? haha

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