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rafter’s still got it!

By admin

rafter showin off his re-grip skillz after years of not re-gripping a thing (not even his signature series tech deck). totally wow’s an onlooking rook.

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sik trix

uhhh son

youre supposed to file before trimming. keeps the blade in line on the cut

am i supposed to be impressed?

you know you are, amanda

not even a little bit.

NO Bigtime, cut first. Skill keeps the blade in line on the cut. I must have done over 1000 grip jobs in my life and have tried all styles. File before cut leaves ugly filed griptape on the edge of your board. And I’m super picky about it. I like hard grain all the way to the edge for better grip.

The only better way to grip a board is with a brand new file and no razor.

i might have to take your word for it. in the 15 years that ive skated, and countless decks that i used, i think i only gripped it maybe 3 times. haha anyways, i just never seen anyone cut and file.

uh you gripped over the bolts…

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