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By Rafter

We dropped off a good number of intakes to TreatsHQ this week. If you are sick of rubber hose and copper weird rigging your intakes for best flow and fit, you now can purchase our handy dandy intakes and have em in a few days. Now available are 21mm puch intakes for Malossi four pedal reed block, 65 metrakit/treatkit/50kit, 80 Metra, and Gilardoni. Most of these options are rear facing due to popular demand.
Get em now and have some carb security for a change.
www.treatland.tv If you don’t know about treats yet, I’d be really surprised.

Huge thanks to my buddies at Treats!!!! You guys saved us!!
Also pictured below, are amazing box labels I observed while hanging with super Treat dudes.

Amazing reeds!

Jimmy and Nathan

Ultimate puch kit intake 65cc style

Intake solution for Mallosi four pedal. NO CUT YOUR HEAD FINS OFF!

Truly the only option that makes you happy. 21mm rear facer Gila intake

Metra 80 rear facer intake. 21mm choice. Look good while your riding along.


I love these seats. Best addition to your rebuilt moped. Cheap and easy. Like yur girl.

Short stuff?

You wanna get these? Yes you do!


Oh thats were it lives!

Side cocks

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bummed i was too sick to come along! 🙁

yayyy thanks for everything, love you guys!!! benji ohh sorry you couldn’t come visit dean…next timeee

gotta have them TREATS

Hello, i am a guy in Finland who REALLY needs 80cc metra intake for puch. Please say you got one of those??

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