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By Rafter

img_0432img_0431img_0430img_0429img_0428This magnum will be available for sale in about a week or two. Save up your lunch money kiddo’s. It will likely be 65 metrakit style.

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do you have any extra metra 65s laying around that you’re willing to sell?

how much are you going to be asking. I ask cause I’ve got a few to sell myself. Lets not dump them all at the same time.

it looks like a winner. You guys do the best Magnums.

Please tell me that the massive dent in the right hand side of the tank happened after you powdercoated it. I would hate to think that you thought it would not be noticeable and powdercoated it anyway.

Yup two matching dents. This tank was not in good enough shape to warrant full restore.

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