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Summer heat is on full blast.

By Rafter

Long ass days make my brain swell up and wanna implode. Started my day by packing up boxes and making a trip to the FEDEX office. We ship everything Fedex ground cause its the best rate within ten block of our shop. Someday I will invest ten mins on the internet and start shipping like the pros.

Fedex girl messed up on all 6 of my boxes and had to manually reenter all the info over again while some poor bastard waited behind me for ever so he could send a fax.

Next up DMV for an hour trying to get any paper that proved I paid Maxi registration. NO love. I got a real cunt behind the counter and an equally unhelpful supervisor. I would expect no less.

Half hour on the phone with a nice agent at Formost Insurance got me hooked up with moped policy for $145 a year. Sweet.

Nate clanged out two pipes today like a true champion. Must have been about 110 in the shop today. Not fun to be grinding, hammering and welding in a sauna. Never again custom N8P for Morini MO2 Seabring was made today. Pain in the everywhere.

Tommy still fist fighting the Vespa Ciao and needs new vans. Someone hook him up. I think he’s a size 9.5

After work the Squids met up and rode to I dunno where cause I stayed at the shop till midnight breathing blue dust and chipping away at a purple Foxi build.


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magnum frame twins! http://magnumdash.wordpress.com/2009/03/10/magnum-is-all-blued-up/

lovin the subtle details on the foxi.

Wow, that blue magnum frame looks super perfect! Somebody with a steady hand must have done that.

foxi’s lookin’ sooo good!!

wow, just got done with my foxi project,
yours is lookin sweet.

theres mine

one question tho,

how does the spring on the kickstand go? i cant for the life of me figure that shet out! so all i have is a limp stand lol

everythings coming along great tho!

Dude get a UPS account


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