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Jen’s Foxi

By Rafter

Jen’s Foxi Puch project has been waiting fo about as long as anything I can think of to get off the ground. Tommy built her up a Alukit E50, all the parts are in the shop now and it’s time to get the color on. But first. Clean the tank.
Tommy has been grinding away with drills and dremel for a couple days making intakes. This will probly be his new full time job. I think he is sick of Gurtners and Vespas.
Nate has been coming in early everyday to work on pipes before it gets hot and I start running the oven.

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You have to love organic matter that falls out of tanks!

hahah, poor foxi. can’t wait to see it all purped out. :]


E50 on a foxi? this makes me sad…

at least it’s not an E50 on a sparta. that would honestly make me cry.

sick tomos pipe!!!!!

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