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Quick update

By fr33bird

Yesterday was a long and very tedious day.  Tons of work, and not a whole lot to show for it, but things should come together today.  Look for another update late tonight, but heres some quick pics for those of you who are anxiously waiting.


photo361That plate alone is about two hours of work.  Ouch.  makes the spacing correct for the metra kit on hobbit cases.


Another plate.  This one to adapt the dio reed cage for the hobbit cases.  Counter sunk holes underneath.  Tight shit.



Finally got the 80 mera top end on my bike.  Shit looks MEAN.




Nate spent hours and broke tons of drill bits doing some of the most tedious precise shit I have ever seen on a moped.  Jimmy’s bike will be unreal.  Keep watching.

Nothing fun for now.  Maybe later.  Enjoy the pics.

5 Responses so far

Derbi on french?

Full motor swap. way too easy.

Jesus IM NOT GOOD WITH PATIENCE!! this bike is going to be the end of me from waiting so long(i would rather see this done then my Garelli at this point)

I know ur dirty little secret whoo hahahaha, but i’ll never tell… racers honor!!!!

tommy ur bike is looking epic, i’m crossing my fingers that my little moby can hold its own

i totally wasn’t expecting that on jimm’y bike. awesome!

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