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Another Day, Another (lack of) Dollars

By Rafter

Rafters out of town, so yours truly, Tommy Freebird, will be taking over blogging duties for the week.

fuck you swingarm

fuck yo swingarm


Nate hard at work on jimmy’s Pug.  No more wobbles.


Seriously, another vespa?  4th in two weeks.  Hooray.

mopeds minus the motors

mopeds minus the motors

Lots o bikes to powder coat.  This is what rafter does most days.  I did some sandblasting today.  It sucks.  I give him props.

soldI made this beautiful piece of artwork for is pretty gold maxi we had for sale, and it sold instantly.  Although the bike is gonna the sign is still available.  Bids start at $15.00

Other random happenings today.

-I dropped rafter off at the airport so he could be a private dick for the week.

-I ate In n’ Out.

-I watched Nate “man hands” Kiehn break a sweat trying to put the worlds most stubborn cheng shin on a bike.

-I listened to Miss New Booty on 10 while i was alone at the shop.

Thats all for today.  Hopefully I didnt fuck this up too much.  I haent blogged in a while.

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I like sandblasting. i would take that over sitting at a desk bored all day thinking about mopeds, like i do anyways. FLY TO VIRGINIA FOR OUR RALLY. I am most likely coming to sacto for your rally because I LOVE SACTO!!

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