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Long Day

By Rafter

Riding mopeds with some Skater Pros and Slap Magazine. I towed Roberto Aleman down a long ditch to a huge Kickflip over some crazy gap. It was a great way to get sun burnt. The cops came and there was a ghetto bird above us as well. They thought we were taggers. When he saw we were just riding a moped with no helmet in a ditch at mach speed and skating all crazy he said see ya later and left us alone. Not believable.
Thursday nights Landsquids meet up and normally get Cheap Ice Cream
And,,,,,,,,,, nice mags at the shop.

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Looks like Cardiel was hangin’ around too.

i sure am glad you kids didn’t ruin that beautiful ditch with any spray paint.

i call fakies on the ice cream social

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