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Words to follow pictures

By Rafter

Alan leading a pack of peds through turn 4 during last weeks polini cup
Nate, Tommy and Jimmy think about Moped tech Vs. Scooter tech.
Nate takes a lil off the top for a snug fit.
Just a pretty picture of a Rito Crank I’ve been running for years.


I pretty much just use this site as a photo blog because I don’t have very much to say. But for your enjoyment I submit words about my day today. And even that is only gonna be a list.

Woke up sleepy.

Ate mini wheats.

Met Jimmy and Tommy at Motomatic.

Watched HD Polinicup footy on the big screen. (baller)

Powdercoated and built my motor for Blue Tanked Magnum.

Listened to race theory for hours.

Did not buy a disco ball from a homeless guy.

People in the shop today visiting/ working:

Ryan, Nate, Tommy, Jimmy, Rafter, Steve, Steve 2, Maggie, Alan and those I forgot.

So this writing stuff blows.

For better blog content and humor please visit the Orpwnage moped shop blog.


Copy and paste cause I cant figure out how to make a clickable link.

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You’re a poet, Rafter.

highlight: “did not buy a disco ball from a homeless guy.” i bet you kicked him off the block, too.

Yeah, you kids got a nice looking shop. Made me miss metal working a whole fucking lot. Thanks for the powder coat tutorial. Rafter WINS

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