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crazy race tech

see you in a couple weeks!

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i hope that motor revs 20k rpm to spin that second set of variators. otherwise it won’t move

dean, not hating, the work looks crazy awesome, but i dunno about a total of 4 variators. by the time the first one is done variating its spinning approx 1/5 the rpm as the crank, then its gotta try and throw the weights on the 3rd set of cheeks and get it to variate, if it works, it will be amazing.

i appreciate the hard work, its rad, and i hope it works, but i’ve thought about it before, and i’m just not sure it will

i’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and threw the idea out there to nate one day and he got stoked on it. i think we can make it work.. we’ll seeeeee

I’m only worried about the efficiency and power loss through a second set of variators.

follow along with all this at the build blog, i’ll explain to you all why it’s going to work, and as long as the parts can take it, it will work awesome.

vx4 blog

i wish you nothing but the best brother, hope it works, unfortunately, i will not be attending the first race and i am super bummed

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