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Latebirds Rally/Race

By Rafter

Polini USA brought a ripping Maxi with some great working CDI.

Yall got dat KTM? I guess so. Thanks Joey for waking everyone up at 7am with 50 mph pit runs testing.

Yall got dat KTM?

Quality antics

E5 got make over. 50 kit watery cooling

Lee O Matic


Jimmy walking near Joey

Zach loves and hates on his bike constantly

Ian from Denver bolted his New Destroyer up and blasted the course.

Unknown Cobra ripper

Expressive ALAN

Rufus made himself a real doosie

Serene and Ryan

Jimmy been all road all day.

You know how we get down.

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Wish I were there.

i think that’s the cobra i almost traded my magnum for…crystal blue with a tomos engine on it. rad. sweet pics, rafter. bummed i’m not there.

why was jimmy happy?

i want to know more about that polini cdi. anyone have more info on it?

myself and mike beez performing some quality antics, although it was better when we were riding foursies with serene in the step-through zone and robert from LA on the front fender!

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