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Tranny gear slipping.

By Rafter

I had some unexplained tuning trouble in an E50 motor a lil over a year ago and eventually just quit trying to figure it out. Puch motors are so straight forward that after only a short time of tuning they normally come to life and run trouble free. Our good pal Chris came in to the shop wondering why his motor was running so slow and after a bit of trying normal measures he decided on a rebuild. When his motor was opened up we found that his tranny gear had moved over on it’s shaft and was dragging on the case. After looking at my old case, I found the same thing had happened to me and I had not noticed. So as a fix for Chris and I, Nate welded our gears into place on the shaft. I’m sharing this on the blog hoping that you all check for this bummer on your future rebuilds. You can even check it as a last resort on a motor that is acting funny and just wont tune in. Remove your clutch bell and look inside at a good angle with a flash light. Hope this may help.

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it should be noted that nate is braising the gears, not welding, and also that this is being done to all of our e50 rebuilds from now on, i think. preventative maintenance!

yay. hopefully now my kitted bike will go faster than 20mph!

srsly, chris’ was sooo bad.. like 3mm in or something

yay chris will be fast agin

Any photos of a drive gear pre-brazing, or good cases vs bad cases?

This is super interesting, I am going to have to look at all my e50s now. Haha.

the drive gear is the same as any, the gear was just shifted over a tiny bit.. you can tell cos the inside bearing isn’t butted up against the gear any more, there’s a gap.
also, in the 2nd photo you can see the marks where the gear rubbed, e50 cases don’t usually have that wear mark, unless the gear’s been dragging.
next time i come across one i’ll get some more pics. shit’s more common than people think.

good call. i tore apart a couple engines for my next project after reading this post and it had indeed happened. i mentioned it to a few people as well and it had happened to them too without them knowing.

thanks dudes!

Do you know what brazing filler or torch was used? I’m wondering if a mapp torch will give enough heat, or if Mapp/oxy or Oxy/ Ace will be needed

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