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KTM Clutch aftermath.

By Rafter

Nathan ran this KTM clutch in his motor for a few months and it was a true ripper. This clutch made the e50 out accelerate my Polini ZA50 and Steve’s 80 Metra ZA50. It took a hell of a beat down though. Special sauce mix of fluids to keep from over heating tranny. It was smoking out the vent hole really nuts with 5W20. A mix of fluids worked much better. So the pic below is of the used and new KTM clutch as well as the bell. The bell had burnt oil caked all over the outside and the clutch pads dug a really deep rut into the surface in a relatively short time. So, yea everyone knows it works already , but now you know how it ends up.

Beat up and worth it.

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So much great stuff on a KTM!

Hahaha, guess they dont last quite as long as we expected them to.

Ehh, if you read the maintenance cycle on the KTM 50SX they don’t live very long in them either. Every part of it wears out and the springs should be replaced often, like every couple of races.

based on the way it rips, I don’t think I’d be disappointed in the wear.

what RPM were you setting it to engage at? I have made mine last much longer by bringing down the engagement rpm. yeah, you don’t get the same baller launch, but everythngs a trade off. still, much much more durable than stock.

what was the special mix that you found to work best?

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