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Didnt I just tell you Nate puts CDI on everything?

By Rafter

We may not finger bang kits or tell jokes on this blog but we are gonna try for 10/10 score on 1977’s Blog Next Monday. Hopefully if we do good they wont link our name to MLM Google results.

In other news, Me and Cool Nathan are friends on Facebook.

For now heres the good part.
Sweet new combo CDI on Puch E50. Nate again switching up parts for the best effect. I swear we will unleash details. Nate likes to get things tested properly before releasing new info or products.

Heres a good combo for CDI on Puch E50

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Odin’s grey beard! Is that pick-up reading the flywheel cam?

is that bumble-bees motor? Also, I see custom stuff.

bumble bee boutta be buzzin’ bettah!

woooa you guys are getting out of hand!

im tellin ya boost bottles are the future

hahaha. Now we’re talkin. step up that blog game boyeeeee!

That looks almost like a franco morini S6 setup

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