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Put CDI on everything, Nate does.

By Rafter

This is working great! After 1000's of hours of mixing and matching Nate found a reasonably priced CDI with lights for a buncha moped brands.

First runs have been a great success.

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Awwwww yeah. More moped magic outta 916ness.

where are the shots of it on nate’s badger?


Any word on what the CDI is???

meaning, where you get it from and what brand?

you order it from motomaticmopeds? haha

kinda looks like the moby cdi that bolts to peugeot’s with almost no work. The cdi box is the shitty part, I just built a new box up out of less then 10 dollars in parts and seems to be running great.

oh, and glad Nate found a box that works well!

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