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av10’s watch out av7 back in the game

By rook

finally its finished!!

After 4 months of hard work, blood, sweat, and lots of time sitting around the shop annoying Mike; my dream of a beautiful and fast av7 is now complete. I’ve always felt that the av7 didn’t get enough love(i think Nate felt the same way otherwise he wouldnt have put as much effort as he did in to this) especially after peps unveiling some really sweet av10 builds last year , so i wanted to show every one what the av7 can do.

As some of you fellow av7 lovers know the new Parma kits are a little; well a little off. with a nasty squish band and some off port timing they defiantly need some work. So we did some work to make it so everything was proper, after we fixed the cylinder it was time to port! the Parma kit has a lot of hidden potential which is why Nate wouldn’t let me touch the cylinder it was for good reason though because he ported the living shit out of it. You can scroll down to check the transfers they where in an earlier post.

Next was to do something a little different so you would know this Moby could rip, hum what could we do??? Oh i know lets through a flat side 24mm Mikuni on it!!! over kill? maybe. worth it? fuck yeah!

I had to cut a little to fit it

Overall this bike rips. It does wheelies as soon as the Ninjas power band kicks in. Im not sure how fast it is yet but its defiantly 55mph if not 60mph but we will see when i break it in and do some speed tests.

big thatnks to Nate who did a lot to help,  Mike for teaching me how to powder coat and letting me be the shop intern, and a big thanks to Dean just because i know you helped some how!

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What are your plans for the motor mounts? They look like they’re gonna tear apart at any moment haha. I know with all of my cousin’s Moby’s that those are the weak spot. It’d be cool make some that are really durable yet don’t shake your eyes out of the sockets. Sweet bike though! Looking clean as always.

radtimes. that thing is fast and it even sounds amazing. good job, travvvvy!

hobbit motor mounts work if you know a trick so when those go ill up grade

Great job. You could get more top end than that, if you changed the gearing, as there are some of us other AV7 dudes in high 50’s with PHBGs and stock porting. I like the color, and overall the build is just wicked.

yeah i know thats next on my list it has supper low end even with the most heavy weights on the Er3 and that spring isnt even tight at all. so it has a way to go for top speed im just going to find the smallest sprocket i can put on the back and go from there.

Is that idle screw in enough???? Lol. Nice build. I can make you some lee o matic motor mounts if ya want!

Lee o matic doesn’t know about for race. Looks suuuuper cuuuuuuute.

he’s got plenty #3 motor mounts waiting on stand by (waaay better than lee o matic), no need to worry.

think your moby is soooo cool dont cha? well it is.

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