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polini tomos seattle destroyer

By admin

i don’t know who ordered this pipe, but i am super stoked on it. it looks so rad, all wrapped around like that to mate up to the polini. who ever you are, you should have ordered a standard destroyer instead of the seattle one (seattle destroyer = more low end less top end than standard destroyer), but no matter, your bike is going to riiiiiiiip!

also, has everyone forgot about the n8p? all you 2 speed and variated kids should be ordering those! best top end pipe ever!

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pipes looks so clean even before paint.

i love my n8p!

I heart that people are ordering “seattle destroyers” hahahahaha

everyone wants the latest and greatest! but sometimes the latest isn’t necessarily greatest..
fads are fads. get the pipe that will give you the performance you’re going for, not the pipe you think your friends will be the most jealous of!

so this is why nick’s tomos was in the shop? looks rad!

R.I.P. dudebro’s clutches hahaha

he totally ordered the wrong pipe. taking the two speeds into effect, he’d be much better off with an N8P . especially with a polini. but hey, it will be a fast tomos regardless. Having been there with the tomos i’m allowed to say that haha.

rename the n8p something awesome like the ANIALATOR!!! And then tell everyone you have this awesome new pipe.

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