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this thing needs more updates..

By admin

rafter does not update this thing often enough, so i’m going to start doing updates once in a while too.
there is plenty of stuff going on around here that you guys would probably love reading about, but mike is too busy powder coating, going to school and spying on people to keep you all updated all of the time.
for instance, maybe some of you (or one of you in particular) would love to hear that we had two surprise inspections over the past couple days, both of which we passed with flying colors! rad, right? yeah!
anyway, this thing needs more updates. hell, maybe i’ll give the rook a log-in too, i bet his posts would be entertaining at least!

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what kind of inspections?

code enforcement from the city of sacramento, and a dude from the bureau of automotive repair. they were actually both pretty stoked on motomatic!

no pics, no links, snooooooooooooozefest!

Tombo has a point. But its really sweet that the city isnt giving you guys shit or nothing. Motomatic is getting more legit by the second (not that you guys were ever NOT legit in the first place)


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